Arne Hortell


I did my first consultancy work 1984 (16 years old) and started my first company 1989.

It has been very educating, fun and exciting. I have always been interested in technology and im currently doing consultancy worldwide.

Payment systems

I have some experience in payment systems and the list of computer technologies i handle is more...




Yes i have some, here im building a rail-gun with magnet powers...

Arne HortellI'm interested in sports and everything that makes things better and more efficient. I have contributed to Wikipedia with two pages, one about steplength and one about running style, i have experience in both as i did Swedish Classic (Svensk klassiker) 2011, Stockholm Marathon 2011, Stockholm Jubilee marathon 2012, Stockholm marathon 2013 and 2014. I also been doing a few triathlon events, olympic distance, 2013 and 2014. I do not quit when i'm tired, i quit when i'm done.

I am married and have kids.