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In this company i am CTO, Chief Technology officer or "The guy who gets things done by any means". I inherited the project 2014 from a consultancy firm who didn't fully understand the complexity of the owners visions and due to their lack of skill and technology knowhow they where stuck in a dead end with really no possibility to move forward.

After trying to negotiate and refactor the relations it turned out that it was a dead end and it was decided that the primitive prototype should be buried and something new exciting should replace it. I decided to go for open source and in this specific case Drupal as the solution was intended for +1M user base. May 2015 the system in fully operational state and serves companies like Unionen, vikariepoolen end other both swedish and international companies.

In this system i work with Adobe aftereffect, Adobe renderer, multiple software languages, multiple server architecture, multiple operating systems, all cloud based fully automatic with app support for iphone. LAMP, WS2012R2, SQL, Galera, NFS, S3, EC2, RDS, Streaming video, Codex.

The website for abo is in drupal running on a LAMP stack.