Arne Hortell at Stockholm Marathon 2011I have a scientific interest in sports and therefore i have been doing lots of different sports during the years. I'm not good, have no intention to be more than average but i want to understand how it works. Most results are 90% depending on knowledge and technology about the sport, not equipment. The rest is "only" extreme hard physical training and willpower.

I did Stockholm 1912-2012, 100-years jubilee marathon 2012-07-14 and it was a tremendous and lovely experience.
I also did Stockholm marathon 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

I have done marathon, triathlon (Stockholm Olympic distance), some biking (Mälaren runt, Vätternrundan), swimming (Vansbrosimmet), skiing(Vasaloppet Engelbrektsloppet), i do downhill skiing but i dont like it as much as when i was 10, i might have realised it can be lethal...

I have also done some martial arts, mostly Ju-Jutsu but also some different karate styles, aikido, judo, taijutsu and recently Mool Heuk Gil which i have black belt in

I am also fond of archery and shooting in all its forms.

I do sub-diving but prefer free diving without equipment.


To open a can without tools is good knowledge if you forget where you put your can opener.


You can use your fingers for almost anything, hanging your cornflakes on the wall for example.


Swimming under water is mostly a test of being calm.


And breathing out in a glass of water is an easy way to handle asthma. At least you can control your breath.