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TPM, Trusted Pocket Money is a global mobile wallet system for everyone-everywhere.

The project started out as a wild idea in december 2009 by me and about 7 months later the Swedish company Trygga Pengar i Mobilen Sverige AB was started. The point with TPM was to have one payment solution for all sorts of payments and of course a mobile solution. It turned out that the world population only have just about 3% registered as bank and card users. It also turned out that at best (Sweden) only 50% of population uses a smartphone. Well, i never hesitate when a technical challenge occurs so i started digging and building.

It covers cloud architecture, security, encryption, software engineering in multiple languages, REST communication, IOS, Android, J2ME, LAMP, SSL, AES, server architecture, SMS, KYC, AML, PEP, ofac, sanctions, forex, currency embargo, politics, religion, interest rates, spread.

Due to board desicion december 2016 the mothercompany filed for bankcrupcy against my vote which was a tremendous loss.
All sourcecode was lost in the process as it turned out management never did the "point of no return" backups as the system notified daily since 2009.

Now 2018 im rebuilding it all with new fresh technology.

Its mine, and it will be awesome.