Proof-ITThis app is intended to be a contiously developing project which aims to give advise at what levels investments should be made to in a secure manner generate profit.

I dont claim methods a perfect or give 100% sure method but using it as an advise, a hunch, but still keeping your own decisions i hope it will give some positive impact on your portfolio.

The app is (right now) intended to be a single instrument advisor but will in future releases have portfolio managing etc.

Yes, i use the app myself and it creates profit for me.

Be careful, do not invest with money you need.


Proof-IT howto

At right you see a screenshot of the app.

Ticker name
This is the name for the instrument, it is currently not used but will be used later for making better adjustments for the investments Proof-IT suggests.

Current Price
This is the current buy value, what you will pay if you buy now.

Amount at risk
This is the total amount you want to risk at this instrument.

Number of chances
This means how many additional buys you want to do in this instrument.

Instrument vol. %
This is currently the instruments volatility, as average about 25% for instruments i use.

Currency exposure vol. %
The instrument might have exposure to some other (or combination) currencies which totally have a volatility.
As it might happen, Instrument goes down, and currency also go bad its adviseable to take into account the possibility that
both go bad at the same time.

The one who gets rich, isnt the one making the best lucky bet and win, the rich guy is the one who cut losses and minimised the underlaying risks.